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Tune into the latest

“My new album “Nocturnal” is OUT! CLICK HERE to stream on your preferred platform.  Let me know how you feel about it and spread the love! Appreciate the support.” -PJ

“So for this album “Nocturnal” I wrote every song just on my acoustic guitar. I’ve never gone about my music this way. I would either have a general concept for a song and come up with a basic melody on my guitar and then produce out a beat and then write to it, or I’d go I guess a more traditional hip hop route and make beats and if things started sounding cool then I’d move forward with making a full song. Anyway, as a result and after asking you guys if I should, here are the live, raw acoustic versions of these songs, which I’ll upload weekly until all 8 are up.” -PJ

“NF has recently been an inspiration and fuel to create the music I’m putting out soon. “Perception” is one of my favorite hip hop albums and will be tough to beat for a long time. Check out my live acoustic rendition of his song “Lie” off of that album of his. Hope you’re feeling it. Original album by me August 30.” -PJ

“Getting back into it… here’s a glimpse into Dad life via a goofy, fun sample-based track.  I flipped Kehlani’s “Honey” and rapped to it live while holding up things that I had around the house because it sounded fun.” -PJ