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Tune into music and videos by PJ Simas, a self-produced hip hop artist out of San Diego, CA
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In 2017 on St. Patty's Day I dropped a collaboration album with my good buddy Josh AKA Sulvida who also lives in San Diego. He is a talented producer and DJ.  Josh and I went to college together in San Luis Obispo at Cal Poly and he was my DJ during shows I did at this time.  Josh, who has an electronic background, brought all the production on this one and I handled all the lyrics and vocals.  I think we made a cool duo and our two different individual genres/sounds came together to create something unique. We called ourselves Clean/Cut and our debut EP project of six songs was called "The Line".  Click HERE to go to our website and check out more. Check the video below of our live version of our single "Feel Something". [vc_video link='https://youtu.be/7Ulh6PHosfI']...