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I’ve been busy.  I’ve really missed interacting with you all on a daily basis, but it wasn’t without good reason.  I am back just as passionate as I always was, but dare I say a little more mature? I’d like to say wiser. Well we’ll find out.

Since the release of “Life Tonight” in 2014, my solo music took a bit of a back seat to other things in life.  I married Gaby that year and we started a life together in North San Diego.  I’ve lived throughout California my whole life and this is our favorite spot – it is tough to beat. I’ve raised Pax up to age 9 now, coaching him through sports and young boy life.  Gaby and I also had two amazing girls: Emma (almost 3) and Drew (almost 1).  Never a dull, or rather a moment without chaos until about 10pm when they’re all down.  I love them to death and now can’t imagine life without them.

Days are filled with my full time job as an engineering/construction project manager, which I really enjoy. Evenings are filled with family dinners, sports or school stuff, walks to the park/beach, and bath time, story time, and then bed time. Weekends are similar with even more kid action. Late nights or times when the girls are napping and Pax is chilling is when I dive into music.  You may see why the solo music creation hit a bit of a pause for a while as I focused on my family.  Below are a few pics of the fun.

Now that things are settled (and no more kids on the way) albeit still chaotic and my free time is limited, I’m back with a new original album and I think it’s pretty good.  I’m excited.  I hope you check it out and let me know what you think.  Album drops August 30, 2018.

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