Get Down Cover Art

I have a new single that drops in 12 days. Check out the cover art below – revealed silently here first. If you are actually here reading this and you see this cover art before I post it everywhere after Thanksgiving and you tell me about it before Thanksgiving I personally will venmo you $5. LMK. Anyway, this is me and Gaby on the cover. To get this shot, I setup a ladder in our living room and duct taped our camera stand to the top of it so it would cantilever out and be some 6′ above the ground. Then Gab and I laid down on the floor on a white sheet under the camera and I had it on delay mode and that was that. A little editing and boom. This song is influenced 100% by Gaby. Excited for you to hear it. Stay tuned – 11/29/2018.

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